My name is Rod Burton I’m from a little city in Michigan. I’m a truck driver during the late night and early morning hours. About 1 yr. ago I was reading stories of how some people where making a great living off of trading forex. This trading forex stuff really woke me up. I’ve never made a dime yet. But as soon as I get to know everything there is I will definitely be trading. A few days ago I was on the internet looking for ways to train myself, and I ran across this babypips website, and I can tell this is gonna change everything for me. I’m glad I saw this, thank GOD…:45:

First off, welcome!

Secondly, be sure to post in the thread - I’m still somewhat a beginner FX trader and I found people on this site are super helpful. Just ask a question and you’ll normally get a response within a couple of hours – cuts down all the daunting google research and false information sources!

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