High Yield Forex Signals (and trading system)

The trend just failed, no momentum

I missed this great opportunity, I will try to be more keen in november.

missed another opportunity by minutes.

usdsgd looks interesting, not the best opportunity though,

some positive development

target price is 1.41419

Good progress

Target not hit but still it was a perfect trade,

It definitely looks interesting

unfortunately we have got this in the next 50 minutes,

It was just perfect, but be careful because have high impact news shortly,

I accidentally closed my trade, However, don’t close yours just protect your margin

this is a perfect opportunity, but I will have to avoid it because of Non Farm Payrolls (OCT) today

a likely price breakout

lacks upward momentum, this being the first day of trading

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most likely, but not the best,

not the best pattern,

the euraud uptrend is likely to continue for 7 to 10 hours

below was the expected trend

Below is the outcome at the end of 7 hours, time to close euraud,