Hong Kong Protests

Chinese Communist Party has hired this guy - as a pr consutant in UK - to “Spin” them as “Nice and fluffy” - lovable people who are being picked on by “Them nasty white patriarchal males dominating the people of the west” - r some such :wink:

Mahyar Tousi doesn’t seem to give him much credibility as a “Remoaner” who lost ! - Me ? = I see it somewhat differently - As a prime mover in teh Remoan movement - he already has All the contacts in place - including those within the media - AND they all have an anger against those “Knuckle dragging dumb Brexiteers - who just don’t understand - the NEED for Globalisatin and co-operation”

It’ll be interesting to watch whether £5,000,000 paid to an Arch-remoaner, can switch the attitude of the BBC and the rest of the Remoan stream media - to make China the “Good Guys” and democracy and freedom the “Bad Guys” ?

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For China its been Africa last week, Xinjiang yesterday, its Hong Kong today, it will be Taiwan tomorrow, the EU after that.

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Yeah. China’s buying the world, one country/ territory at a time. :angry:


This is sad, China is such a big country with so much population they are not bothered by anyone else and are just exploiting Hong Kong. China should just let go of this Hong kong thing.

I agree, but I really doubt they’d let go anytime soon.

China will legally be able to take HK within its mainland legal system in 2047 anyway under the UK-China treaty.

In practice, China started minor infringements on HK’s systems within only 1 or 2 years of the British withdrawal. The moves we have seen in the last few years are not new, they are an enlargement and acceleration of what China has been doing to HK since the withdrawal.

As far as the UK is concerned, we promised that HK would legally become part of China. Its hard to see that the UK government should go back on its treaty promises to China and try to assert that HK should NOT become part of China or should become some independent city-state. Our argument on that point was “fought” and lost 20 years ago.