Hoping to learn

Hello, I’m here because I wanted to learn the industry. Always had an interest in the exchange world, so now I’m here.

always try to learn from your own mistake , its the best teacher from all, have you finished any basic level of trading for learning ?

Welcome to forex world! All the best.

its a very good hope , learning is the best solution in here , and there is no way stop learning in spite of passing a long time.

Welcooome! :blush: It’s great that you’re finally pursuing forex. :smiley: I wish you all the best! :blush:

Make use of all the resources here and elsewhere. Lots to learn but that’s the fun of it!

Hello there! Welcome to the world of trading.

Welcome to the world of Forex and trading. You will come across a lot of different things so be prepared. You should gather information regarding the stock market before getting into the game. A good strategy will be helpful if you stick to it. Good luck.