How are they getting these %'s?

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If you go to this webpage, it states cd may be 127.2% of bc. I understand the patterns, but I dont get how they are getting these %'s. I’ve looked on all the fib tools, and I dont see these numbers, how are they coming up with them?


With many platforms you may need to add in a desired fib ratio. As most have “standard” ratios pre programed. My guess is you have 0, 236, 500, 618, and 100 fib levels? Open your fib tool preferences and it should allow you to add or subtract ratio’s or at least it does on marketscope, fxaccucharts, and MT4.

im seeing those ratio’s but how do they calculate the % from x to d?

The calculation is not from x-d its from c-d which is the extension. You can use the fib tool to arrive at the 127% or by manual calculation. With ABCD patterns, if the retrace to C is to the 61.8 the natural extension is normally the 161.8, if retrace to C is to the 78.6 the natural extension would be at the 127. Hope this helps.