How can I learn Forex?

What’s the rush man? With that mindset you can’t learn forex. as others also mentioned it you need to be patient.

Well you could try finding a career in financial services which could put you on the path to actually understanding that there is no short cut. FX trading is simple but never easy.

A bit like you going to see a surgeon who has a big scalpel and a nice smile before he says lay down it’s not going to hurt.

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The hard part is finding a strategy which is simple enough to run at an early stage but which can generate consistent profits.

As a couple of gneral guiding points, don’t go down the irrational route of thinking that the only way to make money is by inventing a strategy which is unique to you and which nobody has ever thought of before. All strategies have been thought of before - and how could a brand new trader invent a consistently profitcable stratgey from zero experience anyway?

Also, devote effort into understanding what most new traders do - and then don’t do that.


with all respect, I totally disagree with that. the hardest part is to steak to your strategy and never let your emotion get ahead of you.

watch educational videos and books by well known authors and try to practice them in a demo account.

It’s true, most traders given a viable strategy have failed to run it effectively.

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Thanks @tommor,

This resonates with me a lot.
You have just saved a lost soul.
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I think you should be able to have a profitable strategy before even talking about sticking to it. No matter how hardcore discipline you are as a human, if your trading strategy doesn’t have an edge in the market, I am not sure you will be able to stick to it. That’s my opinion and I stand to be corrected.

your statement is totally correct, yet my question is, are we talking about the initial part or the hardest part?

I follow some youtube tutorials and apply the earned knowledge on demo account and thus I am learning.

Try to develop strategies because in forex strategies are everything and the real gainer is the person who has a proven strategy.

Guy, The long path is the sure way to success but it’s a very narrow path.

same question, why rush? Success in trading takes time, dedication, and patience more than anything else.

Focus on learning and practicing consistently rather than trying to master it quickly. Remember, this is a journey, not a race, so take your time and enjoy the process of learning and growing.

That is the correct frame of mind. Trading necessitates both knowledge and experience, both of which must be acquired through time and with patience.

For me personally, I learn to trade from several sources, such as:

  1. Baby Pips School of Pipsology

  2. Youtube Channels

  3. Blogs such as How to Trade and Prime Codex.

After that, you can start practicing in a demo account

Can you suggest me any effective courses on Youtube?

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Here are some from another post:

Keeping my patience in trading is difficult for me because the market is volatile.

Thank you so much Martial for your dedicated support!