How Can You Find a Reliable Forex Broker?

trustpilot is the biggest place with fake reviews on the internet!!!

reliable broker is difficult to found right now , if found you are lucky , most of them are found to be scams even though lots of online broker this time available in online.

Where money is a matter of reliability is shaky. You need to constantly check and study the information on transactions.

its a very good topic but answer is much complicated, because brokers attitude is not positive most of the time.

really, didn’t know

Trust pilot don’t really work anymore. FPA is still the best place to look.

yes , FPA is a place
from where traders can ensure which
is more appropriate for trading , its the best review site we have

yes its good. especially their scam Broker list which is really supportive for beginners to avoid those kind of platforms.

I appreciate the spread on all trading pairs. and is the broker that I find the spread to be the lowest.
And has a cent account and allows copying with a cent account,, it has the advantage of a free swap for those who want to order many days
I also have a few more detailed comments here In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade

So true. But there are some brokers in the market which are literally good. Can try them after verifying.

Certainly it’s a great site for traders to ensure which are good and which are scam

ok thanks there

Till now FPA is the most popular Forex review site! Besides, broker section of this forum is also useful.

for better review FPA is really better , before choosing any broker traders should go there to ensure real performance.

yes its useful above all for newcomers who looking for a broker.

i love the broker which always ensure security of funds with a wide range of trading of trading technology, and doesnt restrict any kinds of trading techniques with scalping and hedging. regulation is not a big deal to me.

thanks Peter

I actually like FXCM.

They are quoted on the stock market which gives them a level of transparency.

When the Swiss bank broke the USD peg and the whole market went nuts a few brokers actually went under.

FXCM also had issues but from what I recall because of their size they were bought out quickly.

The memory is a little hazy so I may not have all the facts - but I still believe their one of the more reliable ones.

welcome Madalyn, by the way, be cool when make decision about broker choosing , dont choose anything with an emotional state , because the broker can affect the result of your trading with certainly.

So many scammers now it is really hard to trust someone.