How did you get introduced to forex?

For me it was a game lol. Runescape. A lot of you UK people might recognize it. Anyway I was a “merchant” they had a Grand Exchange it was an Auction House and the prices went up or down depending on how much was bought and sold and at what price. Well I used Support and Resistance tho I didn’t know that that was what it was called. I also used seasonal tendencies and news events lol. Also I participated in market manipulation with other “Merchants” we would pick a pretty high demand item that was relatively rare and buy buy buy. Then we would dump the items on the public for the marked up price. Lol anyway one day I was talking to another merchant about how he went about trading. He said he used what he called support and resistance. And he said he did the same thing in the forex market lol. So I googled and quit the game.

In my case, i learned about it from a newspaper ad. lol
the rest is history. :slight_smile:

I’ve built a few websites to produce passive income. Some run google ads, some run ebay ads, on sold a digital how-to video that I made, etc.

When you get involved with “make money online” stuff, you soon find out about affiliate marketing. All affiliate marketing paths eventually lead to clickbank, the central hub for digital products which anyone can sell as an affiliate. There’s a list there about what digital product are the best selling. At the time, it was something called FAP Turbo. It was a Forex trading robot. I googled what “forex” was and figured it out.

Didn’t do anything with the information until this year though. Just filed it in the back of my brain for future reference.

When I made my initial google search of forex I ran across fapturbo lol I was tempted but didnt partake.

I found out about Forex…looking to get rich quick!!! 3 years later still here, and not rich!
I was playing on-line casinos trying to work out a way to win whilst also trying to write an auto-it
programme to click the button for me! Genius hey!

Strategy lead to strategy led to martingale lead to Forex!

I kept the Forex lost the martingale!

Are you still trying to “get rich quick” or not? Also, what constitutes trying to get rich “quick” vs. just trying to get rich? It all seems very subjective to me.

It would seem that Soros was trying to get rich quick on that $1B transaction. You don’t hear anyone criticizing him for it. I think that when someone wins while trying to go for big profits and then doesn’t subsequently loose it all in 3 weeks, nobody criticizes. If someone looses, they start doing “I-Told-You-Sos” denigrating someone’s attempt to earn big returns as a get-rich-quick mentality that is doomed to fail.

It may seem subjective but you know what I mean,
I’m still trying to get rich, Isn’t that why we are all here, well at least to become comfortable and enjoy our lives more for ourselves rather than slaving away for someone else’s profit.

The time however is not the most important thing any more,
Managing my risk is what matters to me most these days,
I have had a good dose of reality these last few years and really enjoyed it and still Do!
Looking forward to Monday morning!
LOL if I didn’t have to go to my proper job, it would be even better!..oh wait, I took Monday off!!! W00T!!!

I was conned by a ‘friend’ who traded forex ( on ODL/FXCM ) who offered to trade on my behalf.
‘Easy pickings’, he said. ‘Forex is like a forest of fruit trees; it’s not [I]whether[/I] u can pick the fruits, it’s [I]how many[/I] can u pick’, he said.
Seemed to know what he was doing, and several hundred other people thought so too.
Had dabbled a little in the local stock exchange, and therefore the idea of buying and selling instruments wasn’t new, and made sense.

It was ok for a year or so, but he got careless, and instead of doing a proper PAMM, started running it like a Ponzi scheme ( unbeknownst to us his ‘friends’ ). Then the big red bar in EURUSD Nov 2010 got him good ( he never traded with stops, found out later ), and the forex party ended, and the Ponzi got on full swing. To our shame, we ignored the warning signs ( lies, and more lies, extravagant lifestyle with no payouts,… ), hard lessons learned…
Long story short: people got onto him, he went bust and went underground, and many (myself included) were left staring at blown savings.

Well, that exposed me to the forex world, and out of curiousity started researching about it for myself, and realized it’s something one can do (income-wise) for a lifetime & from anywhere.

And that’s how i got into forex trading :slight_smile: <wry smile>

Wow dudest…what a crazy story.

What I find really interesting is that you didn’t find the whole idea of Forex so repulsive after such an experience that you rejected the whole concept outright. Instead you went the other way and decided to make it work for yourself. What a different reaction than most would have had.

it seemed heavily marketed. a few years ago, I have encountered a lot of newbies who spoke about it and even used it. lol

it seemed heavily marketed. a few years ago, I have encountered a lot of newbies who spoke about it and even used it. lol

It was a normal day when I was searching on internet any home based work .I see forex it attract me, i think it should be tried . I join babypis for learning purpose . It helped me a lot to know basic idea of forex and then advanced trading. Slowly I was able o do good trading on demo . After it I starte real trading.

I’d registered to a paid forum where I’d found out that forex trading itself is a highly lucrative market where one can make big money in less time. So this attracted me and now I’m learning about how to do profitable trading.

My mother said that she tried it… I looked into it without any idea of what it was or how it worked…