How do I get notified?

I want to be sent en email of the trade I placed after I execute a trade from my MT4, does anyone know how to do that?

You can check for your executed trade in account history tab.

Hi, you need to set up MT4 to send a message, install EA which sends you info, and yourMT4 needs to be on. Regards Greg

How do I set it up on Mt4 to send me an email?

go to Tools -> Options -> Email to set up email settings but if you don’t have EA which sends you information, you will don’t get any email

Do I need to get someone to code the EA? Or how would I get this setup

I think you can find a free EA on the internet.

Look at the ‘Options’ setting in the ‘tools’ tab. You will be able to set up alerts from there. Or you could set up a particular EA to do that for you.