How do I get started in bitcoin

Are you looking to buy and hold cryptocurrencies, or actively trade them? And where does binary forex come into the situation? If you don’t currently have any brokers, surely you don’t need a binary forex broker, correct?

I actually had the interest on bitcoin but, wants you to help reviews the Best one in for daily withdrawal or that i can withdrawn for 24hrs Sir. Thanks Sir

Again, it depends on whether you are simply holding the cryptocurrencies or whether you want to actively trade your account.

You’ll be best suited to find a broker in one of the major regulated countries, so US and Canada, the UK and Europe, and East (Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore) and South East Asia (Singapore).

Again, it depends on where you live, whether you’re willing to provide KYC (know-your-customer) information to the exchange, and whether you already have some funds stored digitally in a wallet or with an exchange.

Some exchanges only allow funding an account with existing crypto currency, like bitcoin. No fiat currencies allowed.

Where do you live?

Thank you so very much Sir. I’m from Nigeria Sir (a resident).

I would look into Binance and Luno. Binance is available in most countries (definitely not the US), and Luno actually has an office in Nigeria, if I recall correctly. They have something like 2 million customers across 40 countries.

Alright Sir, I duly appreciate your responses Sir. God bless you richly for all assistants you’ve rendering please. Thanks

Buy some………


As a good rule of thumb, if you are a beginner, just starting, education and demo trading are key. If you plan to put any money into cryptocurrencies, even if just to hold it there, make sure it is money you are willing to lose. We are still in wild and interesting times, with double digit price movements happening in a matter of minutes. Be aware of that.

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I understand your explanations Sir. But, how do I start with the demo as a beginner please?/Thanks a lot

You can always try many crypto brokers who offer the demo account (well, mostly) and start from there. I would recommend coinbase, binance, etc.

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Is alright Sir. I truly appreciate this sir. As soon as am sign up with them , I will still get back to you please. Thanks a lot.

Start with understanding what crypto is all about, what is blockchain technology, get yourself educated. Then you can try your virtual hands on trading to understand how risky it is and then you can put what you could afford according to risk.

If you are actively trading forex, then you can check with your broker if he is allowing trading with crypto currencies. In any case you should spend some time to understand crypto market as there are some differences from forex market

That’s right, forex and crypto markets are not similar concept, must be knowledge enough to understand the flexibility.

these are crypto exchanges i guess not crypto broker

Demo account is what I would suggest to everyone who wishes to start. The best way to learn about basics first.

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Yeah demo trading would be great. Also engage yourself on other crypto related forums.

Bitcoin trading is best started on a demo account. Some brokers provide this opportunity. For example, the broker StormGain. Maybe some more, but I do not know about them.

You’ve also got the Cash App and Robinhood app, at least in the US, which offer no fee buying and selling of bitcoin.

Cash App is made by Square, a giant financial technology company.

Robinhood started as a fee-free stock brokerage, but now lets you buy/sell bitcoin and Ethereum

I advise you to start exploring tutorial about the blockchain system. After studying the main material, start trading cryptocurrencies on cryptocurrency exchanges. But it’s best to choose cryptocurrency exchanges without forced verification, a list of all exchanges and reviews on them can be found here.