How do I remove my fear of trading?

Regular practice is the only way to conquer your fear. Keep exploring the markets, analyze your errors & just work on your confidence.

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Well said mate. Practice is what i believe helps us to overcome the fears. the more we trade, the better we become

Practice more and when going live only use money you can genuinely afford to totally write off. None of us like to lose everything but those who can afford to do so have less fear and accept losses more equally to how they accept wins.

Yes, if you have just started trading, it is normal to experience trading fear. Even when I started I was very afraid of losses. You gradually will learn to manage the stress with trading practice and experience.

Yes currently what are you reading? I am reading The Naked Trader. It is also a good book

Initially, I also used to have fear of trading but with time I have realised that getting worried and anxious are not the solution, it is better to not lose focus but also enhance the skills to get profitable in Forex trading.

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True, gotta be patient and calm in mind. Stressing and worrying is no way out. Mediation really helps.

Absolutely Traderz, with my months of live trading and practise i have fixed this rule of not crossing 1% risk on each trade.

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Also, make sure you are aimimg 1:2 risk to reward ratio atleast. Or try aiming more than this but not less.

Just think of it as numbers on a screen and not money. Just digits… Don’t be scared of digits

You learn from your failures! Keep this in your mind always.

Only trade with money you can flush down the toilet.

By trading more.

Confidence will come with experience. Trade small amounts until you are comfortable with bigger investments.

start small and walk away from the trade after placing it

Don’t panic and be consistent!

Practice makes perfect. Listen to some psychology videos from Mark Douglas (Trading in the Zone)

That’s because demo and live trading are poles apart. Start micro trading instead.

We do not need to have any Fear while doing our trades and also develop Reliable Trading Skills.

If you are this scared to go live again, try with a demo account, till you feel a bit better and then you can shoot the live account with small deposits and try to place trades that you are really confident about. It would make you a bit comfortable and confident, and both these things are really important while trading.