How do I trade effectively with a broker not in TradingView? What charts to use? (IC Markets)

Good day!

I am a beginner in Forex trading, and I am looking to live trading for the very first time ever. I opened a live account with IC Markets.

Since I cannot trade IC Markets directly with TradingView, what broker charts’ data should I be using?

What do I look for in order to trade almost the same market price action as that in my IC Markets cTrader charts? Do I look only for the most similar Bid and Ask prices?

Any comment will be appreciated.

Thank you so much.

- Brylle M.

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Can you do your analysis on Tradingview and trade in MT4(5) ? That’s what I do.

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Yes, before I do my analyses and demo trades on TradingView. I switched now to a new broker. This is my first time using a broker that is not integrated in TradingView. So I will have to trade on my broker’s available trading platform.

Im just kind of lost because there are no IC Markets source/charts on TradingView. So basically I have to use another broker’s charts on TradingView to do my analysis. What should I be wary or?

Thank you for replying!

Hellooo! :blush: Hmm. I’ve never traded with IC Markets, but I’m curious to see what their interface looks like. :open_mouth: Did you observe drastic differences?

They offer cTrader and that is what I intend to use. For the most parts of price action, everything looks similar, albeit some candlesticks are different in some brokers’ charts kn TradingView. That is why is am kind of confused on what broker/data should I use in TradingView for analysis, and then put trades on cTrader via IC Markets.

very, very good idea, IMO :sunglasses:

i don’t understand - if you’re trading with (actually “against”!) IC markets, surely you should use their data-feed? your bets are on the prices of their products, so you need to make your decisions based on charting their prices, surely, not anyone else’s???

what you’re proposing to do sounds terribly difficult and complicated to me, and unnecessarily so

why? why not do your analysis on CTrader, if that’s what you’re trading from? otherwise you’ll be analyzing a different instrument from the one you’re trading?

regarding IC Markets: they are a “tricksy” brokerage who run multiple different companies and most of the accounts people open with them are not properly regulated (they claim on their website to be regulated by ASIC but if you don’t live in Australia yourself and open an account with them, your account will probably not be ASIC-regulated, and that matters very much!)

the issue that eclipses everything else in importance, before you send money to a counterparty market-maker “broker” is where and by whom your account is regulated

this thread , this thread and this thread may possibly help you

good luck! :sunglasses:


Thank you for the response, and there’s a lot of information to digest but I shall take note each and every one of them.

Actually, I just like the charting/drawing features more on TradingView, more than cTrader. It is just that IC Markets is not integrated with TradingView, so what I planned to do was to use TradingView as charting tool and then trade in IC Market’s cTrader.

I just dont know what chart/data to use: i.e. EURUSD - Pepperstone, EURUSD - IKBR, EURUSD - OANDA, etc. etc.

Again, thank you for the very informative response!

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You could try out this as I use it as an extra price action source on every FX pair. The below shows majors as an example.