How do i trade market sessions correctly ? as a day trader

so I’ve been learning how to trade for around 1,5 months now and am still backtesting strategy’s,
well at least trying to. now my problem is not getting enough trades in a week, I’m testing my strategy with the overlap and New-York session but cannot seem to get 2 trades per week if even any . And now I heard if you’re backtesting only take trades at the times you would actually be trading in , but if I stick to 1 session I barely get any trades in . I thought i’ll just use alerts but that would make my backtesting inaccurate wouldn’t it ???
So if I’m an intraday trader / day trader willing to hold over night , should. stick to just 1 session ??

I’d appreciate some good answers from you guys :slight_smile:

· Draw on key levels on the 4H and 1H chart

· Identify Market structure and trend on 4H and 1H chart

· pay attention to what price does at the key levels

· Get in when you see 3 confluences, DO NOT SECOND GUESS YOURSELF

· Use the 9 and the 14 EMA no other indicators

· When you see potential entries scale in to a lower time frame

Possible confluences:

Fibonacci extension

Trend lines

Counter Trend lines

Candle sticks / patterns

Look at what price has done in the past

What does price do at key levels / consolidation

(Break of structure / little candle sticks …)

That’s my strategy , I’m open to criticism

This is the age-old problem forex traders face. After 10 years I still struggle with it.

I trade the overlap as well, so we are best buds already. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I typically get between four to six trades within a four-hour period. That’s because I trade the 5-minute charts, while you are probably on the 4-hour and dailies. Am I correct?

If you are on the higher timeframes, it does not matter which session you enter your trades. For example, on the 4-hour chart, you would enter at one of these times:

5:00 PM EST
9:00 PM EST
1:00 AM EST
5:00 AM EST
9:00 AM EST
1:00 PM EST

So that gives you at least six entry options per day on the 4-hour chart. The only requirement is that you need to be awake to set up the entry!

Also, that’s assuming you are utilizing market orders only, which may not be the best idea. Instead, it is best to enter on a stop order in the direction you think the market will continue.

It’s even easier on the daily charts. You would set up your trade just before the close of the daily candle, which is typically at 5:00 PM EST on most charting software.

So, you see, it does not really matter which session you trade, especially if you are on the higher TF charts. You just need enough time to set up the trades in advance.

I wonder if you’re doing so much TA on your primary and secondary time-frames that you’re always finding a reason to not enter.

you have to admit that if you run even as few as two indicators, if they track basically the same characteristics of market behaviour, the indications from one will always be less strong than those from the other: sometimes they will be opposite.

Maybe think of each TA feature you look for on charts as an expert trader whose opinion you value. Would you really ask 12 traders (even if they’re experts) whether you should enter a trade?

Price is fractal. If you can establish direction on HTF then look to step down and find a LTF trade during the session. Aim for precise, high probability trades and you will find better risk to reward trades that don’t require lots to grow.