How do i trade news?

Im looking at this

AUD Conference Board Leading Index (MAY)
0.4% -1.3%
A composite index used to forecast short to mid-term growth in the Australian economy. Changes in the indicators selected are thought to precede developments in the economy as a whole. Therefore, an increase in the index forecasts economic expansion while a decrease in the index projects a future contraction. The Conference Board of Australia considers eight indicators in the calculation of the index: money supply, share prices, rural goods exports, building approvals, sales to inventories ratio, gross operating surplus, yield spread, and medium-term government bond yields. The index is calculated as a percent change off a base year; headlines report the figure in a percent change from the previous month

And it says its happening @ 1:00AM, which currency would i look at? i looked at AUD/USD but saw no real change in the market, how do you know which currency to look at and what time? how do you know when the move may happen? is it usually bang on 01:00 or could the market move at a different time?

The strongest piece of advice I can give without directly answering your question is don’t trade the news; you’ve got a high probability of losing than winning as its so unpredictable, volatile and the big players already know the results way before you would…

Surely by using trend lines its easy to spot the break right? i tried today on the NZD news release @ 22.00 and i made a good profit on it by using trend lines. But i was just wondering if anyone had anything to add on best tips maybe

Also when i trade news how do i know which pair to trade on? say a new homes release comes on on USD,

do i trade on USD/JPY or USD/CAD, or something else?

best tool for keeping eye on news and for trading it: Forex Factory set your local time and click calendars. very useful. look out for the biggest news out there, non-farm Payroll (NFP) its on the 1st friday of every month. it wreaks havok on almost every chart lol. open a demo account and try trade it, depending on the figures. good way to practise. watch what happens to EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD when the NFP news is out.

Well,i love news trading and it’s my style i have gained a lot of experience by working on this and i have come to know that it depends upon your experience.You have to check that which are the biggest market movers?Just focus on the high impact news,use proper risk management,don’t forget to set your stops.There are different strategies to trade the news.I would suggest you to google this topic and you’ll gain a lot of knowledge but if u do want to trade it,don’t hesitate man.After all,We all like some quick pips.

trading the news used to work in the past before the brokers got smarter. not recommended!

I strongly disagree with your statement.You can still make a handsome income by news trading.

Try the major ones only at the start.