How do you document your trades?

Hello! Can you guys share how you document your trades? Do you maintain it in an excel file, word or just a notebook? any app available? TIA


HI :slight_smile: you can use myfxbook or FXBlue. Regards Greg


Here’s an excel version, with some extra stuff as well.

Specific to trades, it includes the following columns for you to enter data:

Date Open Date Close Currency Pair Position Size Direction Entry Price Stop Loss Take Profit Exit Price Risk / reward Win / Loss $ Loss $ Profit % Profit % Loss Balance Signal Comments Images


use a excel in vid


fxblue yep. game changer

I’ve been using myfxbook. It can be totally customised and it gives notifications for the events that you would have scheduled. Highly recommended!

Excel should be able to do everything you need but what’s more important is what information you record. Always when gathering information about an ongoing project, start at the back end, i.e. draft the questions you want to answer next month and then identify the data you need to collect now to be able to answer them.


I have a log, but I also include before/after trade pictures, as well as a screen shot of my order before submitting it.

Just in case something goes wrong and I don’t jump straight to blaming my broker.

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Good stuff, thanks.

Myfxbook is the best source to do that.