How do you save your money and build your forex account?

Hi Guys,

Recently, I have tried to find a solution to this problem but I’m unable to find one.

Could someone help me out please?

You work more than you do now, do over time and extra hours, get a 2nd job, sell things that you dont need, spend less, buy in bulk so you dont spend so much, stop buying things you dont need. Then whatever you save adds to your trading pot.

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Did you go through the education section here on Babypips?

I dont quite understand your question. Usually traders are investing their extra money and they are increasing amount on their account simply by making profits.

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I think what @tradeforex077 wrote probably answers his question.

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This is a subjective question. One very generalized suggestions would be to cut back on your expenses and become frugal.

You have to take money out of an unnecessary expenses, Or work more hours.

In general it’s what the others have said. Cut out unnecessary or extra expenses such as gourmet coffee/diners, interest or bank charges/late fees.