How I became successful in forex trading

My name is bale am from Nigeria but I base down here in UAE, have been trading for some years now is something I heard of I since all those years Back I was busy developing my self by my own self it was not an easy journey I most say but the one thing that truly help me was my mistake and my ability to learn and make corrections from them , first I needed to know what the most successful traders does , and that is an information that is everywhere but people choose not to listen or find it out to solve that maths , the most successful forex traders follow the trend that is for real but the hard thing there is how to know a trend and second how to follow it is much harder , now remember forex have different time frame so for you to even make a decision on the right time frame for you to use is a big problem but I was able to solve all this in just three days and today I can say am happy and I so much enjoy trading

Hi @bale4uk,
Welcome to the forum. It seems you quickly understood what takes most of us a very long time indeed to understand. We would be very interested in knowing more about what you trade, how you trade and some of your rules that make you a successful trader.

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Make a good plan to become successful in this market.

If there is a way you can message me privately that will be ok


@bale4uk You said you needed only 3 days to figure everything out, we would be more than happy if you would explain in short how you approach your trading.

Well we live in hope. If you had bothered to do any research about Babypips before posting you would realize there are hundreds of folks like you who want to pray on poor unsuspecting new members of a Forex forum by trying to divert users to private conversations.

This forum has a reputation of being fair, with good content, and with protection against scammers. So be a good person and tell us openly on this forum what you have to offer members, not by secret private conversations so you can part people from their money.

Of course, if I have misunderstood your real intention then please accept my apology, but answer my question first please.


Dang, it’s that darned robot again. How do we shut you up?


90% percent of people here think because they don’t hear your name or you are not one of those people that post things on YouTube means you are not good in trading , see let me make this clear here you are the only reason for your failure

Sometimes you mistake your helper for the wrong person

I don’t think so. How hard is it to answer my question? We would be very interested in knowing more about what you trade, how you trade and some of your rules that make you a successful trader.

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i think a trading mistake can teach us always a great lesion but if we do same mistake again and again there is no way to come out from losses.

when we make mistake i think we the traders should stop trading but we generally trade again and again after making instant mistake , for that reason at the end of the day we become loser.

SCAM… Dont fall it

when I posted things here so many people started calling me names that am a scammer, I really don’t blame them , so many people have bad mentality when they see a black man , all that comes to them is that a black man is a scam , but am so ready to let you all that was committing bad know that am the very best with the best strategy you will forever come across in this whole world

You called me a scam, thank God I don’t know you have never in my life scammed you before so I wonder why you call someone you don’t even know a scammer, maybe because you saw am a black but let me tell you this you will never see someone as good like me in forex trader ever

you can never in your life be part of success because your thinking is so low and I want to correct you on this not everyone you see you call names ,

I agree. This is the way to progress: learn from your previous trades and strategize for future trades.