How I made 5% on my money in 5 days using a Forex EA whilst sleeping

Hey guys, I have been working hard since 2017 to create an EA and I have finally been successful. I am confident enough in it to run a live account in the worst possible condition. As you may all know that almost ALL accounts that were based on an EA sunk last week. Well, mine didn’t! Instead it made me some pretty good returns.

Have a look at the screenshot below:

I will be documenting my journey with this EA for as long as possible and I hope that this gives you all the courage to not give up on your EA or indicators or even manual trading! One day, you will reach there and make another post like mine.

Yes, I know that it has only been 5 days since I went live but I figured what better time to tell you guys about it than now. If I posted it after a year, it wouldn’t have been a journey with you guys. You can also follow my journey below by using the link:

I have hid the statistics on it so that people do not copy my trades (Yes, I know that many of you know why I hid it but some of you might think that I am hiding something).

In this journey, I am going to be fully transparent with you guys and I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Some EA’s are good, but some are bad. It depends how it operates. Personally I would only use a non-martingale EA, as I’ve been stung by them in the past.


Would you be updating your results daily here? Doing some analysis of your trades? I don’t fully understand how you are going to document this journey.

Do you use an EA as well? Not sure what a non-martingale EA is, though?

Yes i have to agree our EA is non martingale it uses price action and has no martingale in its logic, I’ve been burned before with martingale EAs and eventually they will blow up your account.

Our EA on the other hand is a very safe EA and keeps risks to a minimal.

Just an update guys we did 0.57% ROI this week due to our EA being very conservative and not trying to risk too much as soon ad markets come back to some kind of normality we will see increased gains.

Will of course keep updating my Journey.

Not to be rude, but what will you share with us? Just performance? If that’s it… then I’m thinking…

You already know where I’m headed. I don’t see this thread lasting all that long, as your link and discussion on myfxbook is about a paid service.

No offence taken at all, yes the link on myfxbook does relate to a paid service however i intend to only report my performance here not asking for anything from this forum

Hi Guys as promised an update on trading so far this week still have one trade negative from the chaos last week but overall still in positive and 1 losing trade since we started which isnt bad going at all, please see screenshot…

But how does that help anybody?

Its more to get peoples opinions about my system, You dont need to be so negative rather like if you havnt anything nice to say why even comment? if its your forum and you dont agree with my post then please delete it.

5% is a lot :slight_smile:

Thankyou for your kind comment! We’re getting there thats for sure wish markets were in better shape we would be able to place more trades and quite possibly see a little larger return on investment.

Managed a whole 0.79% ROI today guys i activated more pairs this morning as markets seem to move a lot more today, I’m hoping on markets being better next week will be putting 28 pairs on and seeing how she does as ive had limited pairs on since the Corona virus pandemic, There is still 2 trades on from last week that is why the drawdown is higher than it is usually but still very low in these market conditions.

Her win ratio is high so im quite sure i can allow it to trade more pairs we also updated to version 1.7 wednesday which uses an extra indicator as we was finding we was in trades too long before they came into positive equity this seems to of worked very well.

Please find attached my screenshot aiming for 1% per day next week so will be doing a lot of risk calculations this weekend ready for sunday night start.

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