How is money created

Based on link below I am shocked how money is created.
Any thoughts please.

Pretty eye opening right?!?

What’s the craziest part of this for you?

Here’s another one I like, that also discusses inflation, crypto, and some history behind money.

In my opinion, the negative issues in monetary system are:

  • Public awareness of such important tool is very weak
  • System could get out of control anytime
  • Banks creating digital debts by just typing then waiting for profit from housing has led to a nation of
    borrowers and property hyper inflation at mercy of interest rate with risk of collapse.
  • Bailing failed bankers at expense of people is immoral
  • Income gap between working people and bankers is enhanced nonstop
  • Build up of public debt is in a uncontrolled loop means constant tax rise and less spending.
  • investment by banks in gambling industry is unbelievable.