How long before i go live after demo testing?

I am a new trader and am trying to go about this the best an most careful way possible. I have a swing trading strategy that i am testing on my demo account, this being my first strategy i’d like some tips of possible.

I am swing trading so roughly making about 5 trades per week, how many trades should i execute and close before i can have a rough idea if the strategy will work (so i can go live).

And what kind of numbers are decent swing trading strategies expected to do?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @El-Nino, good idea to be as careful as possible when it comes to committing real money into the markets. Since you however swing trade and on the Demo at the moment, it requires quite a bit of patience before getting really reliable data from your trading strategy.

Five trades a week will require 5 months of Demo trading before you hit the 100 trade mark (this is the lowest trade count I would use to measure and rely on any strategy’s results), Your only other option is to backtest the strategy you are using on historical price data.

You can checkout SOFT4X TRADING SIMULATOR (Free and Paid versions available) for backtesting if you would like quicker information on your trading strategy. I hope that helps.

Remember going live isn’t the goal, profitability is, and you can establish that on the demo account as well. If you however prefer the live trading experience, you could consider starting with a cent account and play money (less than $100) to practice trading live.

Thanks mate ill check that back testing software out.

thanks for your nice post.