How long did it take you to finish the babypips school of pipsology?

Hahahaha! :smiley: Thanks! :blush: I just thought that the lessons were super interesting and easy to understand! :smiley: Really good for quick memory refreshers. :sweat_smile:

I spend daily 2 hours for a month to understand school pf pipsology. Actually reading is not difficult but learning with reason is important . I spend sufficient time to gain proper knowledge of forex trading then check these basic concepts on demo account . For any inquiry I go back to reading hat thing again and again to use trading terminal.

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same here haha got a big ass binder

Hmm everything haha. When I see something that confuses me or I think needs more clarification, I go back to the school. I think that’s fine. I feel like even seasoned traders continuously learn and relearn concepts. :slight_smile:

I finished it in about 3 months. I still go back every now and then to check on some topics. :slight_smile:

good one. i’m enjoying this lesson on chart indicators but i can see myself also looking at other chapters also once i’m done. thanks.

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which lesson did you find most difficult? i’m also interested in how the mind works.

Interesting! Thank you for sharing, do you mind me asking how many hours per day you allot for studying the course? Thanks in advance!

Thanks mate! Besides, I agree on your words. Have a great day.

Hey there, sorry for the late response, here are some links:

Online Trading - CFDs on stocks, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies (very very easy to use) (in this this one you can use also mt4 or mt5)

Thank you very much for the information.


You’re most welcome :+1:

I think that time spent on learning is quite individual. Some people prefer to go slowly and learn well everything, others might be little bit nervous to try live account as soon as possible. Advice is to take as much time as necessary and don’t go too swiftly live

I agree! It takes time to study and practice so we have to be patient and focus on improving every day.

thanks my friend for the advice. i want to finish but not trade real money yet.

Its my eighth month trading and learning, after jumping ignorantly into options and forex , i blew my accts, and i resulted to finding a way out with different forex group ,
I was referred to baby pips as the school where i would learn for free
So i decided not to ruSh the learning as i rushed to blowing my 100 usd acct and other options acct
It my eight month and m still learning
I am taking my time to learn and practice the lessons
Forex trader
Civil engineer

Am devoted to both.
I love baby pips


Which lessons are helping you build your own strategy/plan?

I’m going to finish 4 of the 6 courses by today no doubt. I started mid day Monday & I hope to be finished by the Sunday. So about a week or less for me. I’m passing with at least 80% & reading back over the material. But I’m currently not working & I’m living in it as wel ass watching YouTube videos. My situation has me taking this very seriously. Plus I used to gamble & use taken soone economics & accounting classes. I’ve attempted to day trade in the past so I’m up to speed on some things. I’ll still need to keep reviewing & embed that knowledge like its 2nd nature. Also my next thing us to find a great broker with a demo account as well as finding a good journal. You’ll still need to further your knowledge beyond this fundamental course. Go at your own speed & UNDERSTAND it. That is key. Goodluck my friend.

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Congrats on finishing the School! :blush: Haha. :slight_smile: How was your experience with it? :smiley:

How do you find baby pips in teaching you the ropes to Forex?