How long do you pause trading if there's a big economic event you want to avoid?

This week, many events lined up. If I want to avoid trading with sudden moves, how long before I go back into trading to avoid this from happening? 2 hours after the event (like NFP or FOMC) or the day after?

Can I ask what TF you’re trading. I’m trading the 5m and 1h mostly and even the 1h can have huge swings even hours after the event release. Also, if stuff is released on a Friday, some of that volume doesn’t come in until the following Sunday/Monday when the market opens again.

I don’t turn off my strategies

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4hours is what I use

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Usually I skip trading during high impact news and particularly when the market is highly volatile.

for me, it depends how quickly and energetically the markets react

i stop a few minutes before relevant, scheduled news, and re-start anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes later, depending on what happens in the markets after it

Actually, I can’t particularly mention the number of hours by I skip trading when the market is highly volatile or there is any economic event.

Same here brother. I also trade on the volatile market in the expectation of earning big profit.

That’s not mean that I expect big profit. I don’t turn off strategies in my back test, so I don’t turn off strategies in trading.

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Generally the market becomes volatile when any economic event hits the market and I stop trading when the market is volatile.

the goal is to be profitable in long term, you decide how you will achieve it, are you comfortable with stop trading during news? for me, totally fine.

That means you continue trading? I am flexible here actually because I trade depending on the market situation.

Yes, if I have open trades or pending orders, I don’t delete it.

When I am in profit, I don’t pause trading actually but I pause when I am not in profit.

does this mean closing open trades? or just not closing or opening new trades?

it does for me, if it’s something i regard as “red news”, yes

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To avoid sudden moves, consider waiting a couple of hours or until the day after major events like NFP or FOMC before trading again. Play it safe and choose the timing that works for you.

thank you.

If you have a open trade close It before the release…

If you don’t, dont open trades 2 hours before the release

After the release, wait at least for 10 mins