How many forex trades per day allowed?

How many currency trades can you perform in a 24 hour period? Is there a limit?

wellt that depends on how much money you’re putting down to start with & the margin requirements your broker permits. I would it depends on your broker.

I’m sure your broker wont mind. They’ll be making money off the spread.

So let’s say Im putting down $5000

See right now on my demo account I am doing 10-30 trades per day. Would that be allowed?

Are you asking because of the $25,000 minimum usually required by the SEC when daytrading stocks?

If so, I don’t think that applies with the Forex.

So i still have not gotten an accurate answer.

Is there a limit to forex trading?

If i were to buy and sell 40 currency pairs/day would it be limited?

Maybe you aren’t asking an accurate question. Who do you think would be limiting the number of trades?

Different Forex dealers have different ‘limits’ concerning the type of trading activity they want or don’t want. You’ll have to ask your particular dealer if you want an accurate answer to that question. Some of them frown on certain types of trading. Some of them don’t like it if your positions are open less than 30 minutes (scalping), stuff like that.

That said, as far as I know, your answer is [B]no[/B]. There is no limit to the number of trades you can make, as long as you have the money to cover them.

The answer completely depends on what broker you use, so I recommend you to contact your broker.