How many hours do you sleep?

I sometimes trade all three sessions, so you can just imagine… I really am trying to get away from that.

Sweet dreams.:sleeping:

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Oh my… That must be so toxic to your sleep. Sweet dreams. :blush:

I set alerts now on MT4 to wake me when I am getting close to support and resistance. I get the most sleep when I am caught in the middle of a trading range.

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@steveepperson Good for you that you found a way around it. I can’t imagine how your sleep was before the changes you made. :blush:

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Trust me, me too. In fact, I am okay with putting up with a lot of things as long as I don’t get a 4-day migraine.:sweat_smile:

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Sleep cycle update: after multiple days crashing between 9-11pm I just wasted my Saturday sleeping well over 14 hours.

I was desperately needing it!

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Yeah. I really can’t imagine. :sweat:

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Congrats! IMO, that’s a Saturday well spent haha. :blush:

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Great saturday, great weekend to nap away

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We are a young family and we sleep 4-5 hours a day. Indeed, I’m very stressed and tide because our baby is very restless and noisy. She has colic and he cries all night long. Indeed, sometimes I don’t understand where is night and where is the day. It is like a groundhog day that never ends. The only time when I can relax it is 3 hours while walking in the park with the carriage. When the wheels are spinning and making noise, she falls asleep and is silent. These are the only 3 hours of silence and calmness in my day. My husband ordered us on an adjustable bed with a mechanism that can change the positions and separate parts of the structure in order to raise certain parts of the body whichever on how you want. This is the only pleasure while night to lay on it. Indeed, I can relax and have some rest. I do not know how should I sleep at all if we had our old sagging mattress till now.

As it turns out you don’t need at least 6 hours of sleep every night. You can manage losing sleep on weeknights as long as you can compensate for it over weekends and that’s what I do.

Usually I sleep between 5 to 6 hours. No midday naps. My body has been used to that routine over the years and it works best for me. I guess every kitty has his own rhythm to find and maintain. Just this weekend I overslept. I slept for 8 hours and i felt que horror all day! :scream_cat:

Find what works for you and stick with it! :smile_cat:

OMG just stumbled on this thread !

I sleep for England - going for gold in the next Olympics.
I only wake up for the London open and the New York open !

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Hahahah, well, that is one way to sleep, I suppose.

I’m sleeping 7 hours and I feel like s**t to be honest, I don’t know why

If you are only sleeping 7 hours no wonder you feel ■■■■.

You need to put some serious training in !

I’m sleeping for 10 hours

Maybe you’re right but I’ve never had any problems with the sleeping maybe I really should sleep more

I depends really if you want to do competitive sleeping.

Perhaps join a team :sweat_smile:

I alternate between insomnia and sleeping for half a day lately. :frowning: