How many ways of trading are there?

It must be bewildering for Newbies, so I thought I’d summarise some of the approaches you can take.

And please don’t be pedantic with the replies like saying it’s not scalping if it’s more than 20 minutes, it’s daytrading after, but If you you think I’m way off the mark - go for it.

Scalping - Short trades - up to an hourish.
Daytrading - Intraday - trades lasting an hourish up to 8 maybe - 4 hour trades may be common.
Long Term - tradaes that last days.

[B]Price Action.[/B]
Studying price movement (My favourite)

Two main types of indicators - Trend and Oscillations.

Studying economic indicators like GDP, manufacturing Output

Trading using the discrepancy of expected News and actual results.

Trouble is with this, the responses can get extended defeating the object of the summary, so can we keep responses brief and avoid Info Overload.