How many years to be consistent WINNER

Is there such thing as a consistent WINNER?

Is there such thing as a Rich Forex Trader?

If you are one, please share how long it took you to master manual trading, be one of the rich trader. and consistent, confident, trader.

How old did u start? what was your motivation. why?

will u share your adventure?

Yes there are many consistent traders, I say trader not winner, cause a winner is a gambler in my opinion.

Yes, there are several rich forex traders.

I would say 2-3 years of trading to become consistent.

I started, same as probably everyone else, the lure of quick easy money, I think it was an infommercial on late night TV that had some automated trading system where I could be a millionare overnight or some such nonsense like that… ( No i didnt buy it, lol, but came very close)

So I decided to find out about FX and that was about 3 year ago and the journey is still going… and once your hooked into FX, your hooked…

i like the way u ended ur post.

Once ur hooked, yur hooked… lol =D

Funny enough I just started investing in stocks and saw an ad by FXCM emailed to me advertising free $25 account. So I thought what the hell I’ll try it, I lost it but was hooked, I’m not consitent, I’ve only been trading for half a year, I’d say right now I’m breaking even if not making a little bit a money but I trade super small amounts slowly working my account up. I risk something like .1% of my account per trade unless I’m very confident of trade. Oh and I’m 22 btw, full time college student :slight_smile:

started my road to forex a couple years ago when I was 19. Started “investing” in hyips…which if you don’t know what that means, don’t ask. It’s always a scam.

Anyway, from there I started learning. Only now, and 1k later am I consistant. In total, its taking me 2 years of eating, sleeping, and dreaming about forex.

So I’d say on average that you’ll need at least a year if not longer.