How much minimum capital required for real trading?

Absolutely, and as Tektolnes said you can build it up as you go… Good luck, from all of us here :slight_smile:

Okay, thank you all, i’ll post update on what will happen next. i just hope it would be good.

I think a minimum should be at least $10k. But if you have to ask, I don’t think you have enough.

What do you mean on you don’t think i have enough? i only ask for suggestion what must be the minimum amount for newbie like me. it doesn’t mean that i don’t have enough money to use.

There is no difference if you are a good trader. A good strategy and proper risk management - that’s what matters. If you can earn 1k with a deposit of $10, you can make a million with a deposit 1k

I agree, with you, its on your strategy on how can you turn a small capital grow into large amount. I think its not how much you have, its all about what will do to make it profit more.

Yes with skill it is possible to turn a small account in to a big one but with patience , You can not double your amount in every trading . Your capital determines how much risk is safe and how much you can easily make profit from it.

start with US$100 dollar, if you loose it reload another hundred. The hundred dollars can last almost a week depends of your risk management. If your using a micro account you can start $50 dollars.

yeh maybe, i can use $50 for now and see what will happen on it, still trying to get good learning here so if ever i’m gonna start i won’t encounter loss in the first try.

For real trading one can get a start with micro accounts , these accounts are for low deposits and low risk trading . They are good for real trading practice. I invest $10 for trading. It give me precious experience of real trading.

I have met people who are from $ 10 made $ 1,000. I also met people who with $ 20,000 left with nothing. The ability to trade nobody can buy (the irony)

There is not fix limit of investment to start live trading you should get start from less amount so that you can experience how you are managing trading and account . Then you will get better idea for future investment.

It depends on different factors like which broker you are trading with, what account type do you have and how much you can afford to lose easily if your entire account gets a margin call.

Hi this is Jawad, With bmfn minimum is 500$. However it is always better to start from 2000$ because 500$ is risky to trade with due to market dramatic volatility, so you lose instantly.

personal msg me for more info and id love to guide you guys.

is there any required amount of capital for newcomers of forex. but i think we just need to use amount that we can afford to loss, because things are unpredictable here. we might win or lose.

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10 dollars with 1 dollar a trade. Trust me, until you learn to build up small account atleast times 5 you cannot know if you have an edge and you DO NOT want to risk any money because before you know it your savings will be gone. Many traders get lucky, but they do not have an edge, although the luck makes them believe they have an edge and they will keep going until they loose it all eventually. Been there, done that. You will learn much more with less capital coupled with high frequency 1 minute timeframe trading. You learn trading from the bottom of the map (Bottom of The Map) and you must treat it like one would treat poker. Start at the amateur 1 dollar table, then move up as you go along. Investing much money from the first go is gambling with harsher edge (commissions) than the casino roulette. No rookie really understands how hard trading really is, because no one tells you to.

Those are the pro’s.

I also met people who with $ 20,000 left with nothing. The ability to trade nobody can buy (the irony)

Those are the noobs, although I definately sympathize with them, I lost some fair amount as well.

Well, yes, you can start with a 100 dollars, but that is not going to give you enough to live off trading. I say it depends on your lifestyle and place of residence, but at least 10000 USD.

Maybe for newbies, must start on small amount of capital for them to just try if it will work.