How Often Are Trades Made?

I was just curious on how often professional traders make trades?

I am currently working on back testing a strategy and noticed that there can be a time gap in making trades and curious if that is normal. (I’m only trading on one currency pair GBP/USD)

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Number of trades depend upon your trading style mainly. If you are a long term trader then definitely your number of trades would be less than a trader who scalps or makes intraday trades. For the time of placing trades you should look for trading hours, basically active trading sessions with high liquidity.

That all depends on the type of trader you would like to be. If you are a swing trader it could be days/weeks/months in between if youre a scalper it can be 5 trades in a day

That makes sense, the strategy I’m using was meant for day trading. Thanks you two for responding!

It differs from trader to trader. I do not have time to watch the market for a longer duration. So, my trades are restricted to 8-10 trades per week.