How or when...which would you choose?

Hey guys…Gabriel here from South Africa.Hope you guys are are doing well
where ever you may be.Taking into consideration of what we are experiencing
together…I just thought I’d pick ur brains on this one.
If you had a choice of knowing HOW or WHEN you would leave this planet
to meet your maker,which would it be?

Interesting question. I think I’m in the WHEN camp. Time is our enemy, so if I had a better idea of much longer I have, I think I would change some things.

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I would prefer not to know.

I want to go when there’s no more rumpy-pumpy.

Probably when. At least I can prepare!

Hope you’re doing well over there in ZA!

I’ll go with how. Might be able to reverse or prolong it if I knew it’s because if something I’m doing today. When makes no difference to me. You should live your life the way you would if you knew your time was up. That’s why learning to trade is important because you can pay your bills and have money to enjoy luxuries.

Interesting thoughts guys…appreciate the reply.Take care of yourselves and yalls families… :mask:

All good so far on my side…on the home front that is.Can’t say the same for the rest of the country unfortunately.Lock downs not easy but I’m hanging in there.

I’ve considered writing myself a letter from “my doctor” stating I’m in poor health and won’t survive the year if I don’t change things. Since I have the time, maybe I’ll write that up this weekend. :slight_smile:

Truly. How are your supermarkets there? This is what I ask everyone who’s from a different place lol. I feel like it’s almost that shared experience we’ll all have which for the longest time I didn’t think we had!

Still n bit hectic on my side…panic buying hasn’t siezed yet.I guess the government’s social grants payouts will elevate shopping during today and tomorrow.Hopefully after that I would consider going out to smaller ques @ the supermarkets.Luckily for me I’ve got my neighbour who’s business is a mini tucks hop selling all of the basic stuff that I need which is keeping me going.Where in the world are you from by the way?