How to arrive at Profit/Loss with a pip obtained through a Trade in a currency pair

I am a fresh and new in Fx Trading. In last week, I installed Meta Trader 4 and I proceeded for a Trade in EUR/USD through the Demo Account. I short EUR/USD when it was 1.31650 in instant trading mode. When it reached its minimum and about to rise, I buy that lot (0.01) to square up my position, at 1.31580 with a gain of 3 pip. In Account Summary under the system it was recorded that I have made a profit (+) 0.70. The amount is very small, but I have got interest to carry on further Trade. But when I tried with my desktop Caculator I failed to arrive at the number. Will my learned friends here can explain how to find the result - I mean the :15:method of valuing the pip gained ?

Scalping sucks, sorry but 3 pips gain is just a poor fofm of trading. Valueing the cost of pip it is quite simple, if your account is in the same currency as the quote currency, then pip cos will be 1*lot size.

Sir, I do agree the gain of 3 pip is too small to talk about. But Sir, that was my first attempt in Fx Tradeing in my life. Anyway, I am going through all observations from my respected Senior Traders in babypips, to apprise myself with methods in FxTrading. Thank you Sir,