How to back test on MT4

Dear friends

Can anyone help me how to back test strategy on mt4


be more spesific please.
backtesting an expert advisor or backtesting your manual trade ?

Back testing a strategy

For eg: if particular MA crossover

So I want to check such strategy

sorry for late respond, just search through installed mt4.
and it stored in my armada markets platform, it called lfh trading simulator.
it’s simpe EA and script to executed manual entry on visual mt4 data.armada (37.2 KB)

can you please tell me how to implement this simulator to test my strategy . i am newbie . never do this before .

put the file within your mt4 folder, there’ a two folderr on it.
one folder name : expert : put those file within your mt4 expert folder
other folder called script, put all the those file withiin you mt4 script folder.
to start the simulator, use the strategy tester (ctrl+R),
and start running the EA (the one you copied before), and tick the " visual mode "
to put any order, close, set TP, use the script,

check the video, just found by google a bit :), otherwise i had to make it my own, with better tutorial but it would takes time :slight_smile: