How to choose a system to satisfy me

Hi, from my experience of 10 years in market, initially I started like you only by doing intraday trading.But I had no success mainly because i am not able to control my mind.When price comes near stop loss, I will remove it and then I will average my losers and it will cause more loss.But, later according to my temperament I jumped to swing trading and hold my trades for few days.It works for me.Every individual is different.I cannot be you and you cannot be me.So, first find out your temperament and then decide on yourself that which kind of trader you wish to become(intra day or swing or positional) and then you can trade.But, never forget that trading is much easier to learn, but its the most difficult in the planet earth to succeed, because human mind is not designed for trading by god.You need to control your emotions.You need to fight your own inner enemies.Then only you can become a successful trader.Good luck friend.

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Got it.
I have a LOB strategy that i trade…but don’t any more.
The problem is, too many fake breakouts, i need a full breakout and then a retest of the breakout levels.
1H, 15M are the TF.s

Everything is happening so fast, i don’t like the pressure.

Welcome to the world of trading Mo… The key here is to understand that trading is just like other high-skilled professions. To master it requires professional training, personal dedication, and lots of experience. I also recommend that you get yourself intouch with a professional mentor who can be there to guide you. There are many stories of traders who lost money for years before they became profitable. And when they finally made it, it happened in a big way. In the beginning of your trading journey, it is usually recommended to adopt a habit of thinking in terms of process instead of results. Focus on perfecting your trading process, and you will likely experience that the profits will follow. When you start thinking more about your process, a natural extension of that is to look for ways to improve your current trading strategy. Even though you may be losing money at the moment, chances are the strategy and your own trading process can be optimized to turn it into a winning one by taking an objective look at it. In fact, optimizing strategies instead of constantly looking for new ones is a key characteristic that often separates professional traders from amateurs… Also take note that trading is not only about strategies… it requires immense psycology so make sure you have enough patience, consistency and you are in the correct mindset when trading… Wish you good luck and happy trading dude!

I guess it is also sign of impatience. Take your time and search for it by yourself.

according to me there is no trading system at all which can make you satisfy until having a most powerful analyzing money management