How to find the trend

hi guys

the problem is i can spot a trend, either up or down or sideways, but i m always unsure if the trend will continue or gets in reverse gear :o, any help will be appericated.


I saw a system that used the MACD settings of 12,26,9 I added a second MACD with settings of 2,26,5 (just to move faster) looking at the day chart when it crosses the zero line that is a good sign. I usually wait for the next day to see if it goes the same way. Stay in until one day is smaller than the previous day. Also adding candlestick formations to this helps out.

but isn’t there any more accurate and faster way :confused:

How do you want to trade? Are you a scalper or a day trader?

day trader=person who use a intraday strategy for trading?

I know how you feel, I was also at one point looking for some �ber indicator that was a fail-safe trendfollower.

The best advice I can give is to enter the trend you define, and exit when you see that the good times are over, and the trend is breaking.

Works for all markets.

I am new but I think there may be an easier way to trade. Check this out and let me know what you guys think. Welcome to Janet Barclay’s!!

To Vladv, A scapler will get in and out of a trade within a few minutes to a few hours. A day trader will hold on for a few hours to a few days and a long term trader will stay in for days to even months.

Hey Hobbit why didnt you mention fibos and elliott waves?

Both Fibos and Elliot wave are rather controversial indicators/systems, but I find the consept very interesting.

Does anyone know people trading successfully with EW or Fibo? I have heard a lot of scepticism regarding it, but have not done enough research to make an educated opinion of my own.

Anyhoo, I would recommend both trend-lines and moving averages as great trend following indicators.