How to follow what big banks do?

That seems to me like a bunch of paid and/Or unexperienced people doing reviews that thinik forex is just buying low and selling high


And every lot or contract traded has a counterparty.

Don’t forget that if a big bank buys a huge quantity of a currency, another one is selling it. Which side do you want to “copy”?

The banks are only large companies, which are responsible for saving our!

Either way it’s funny hehe
and if Harry M was a Paid comment LMFAO
I’d piss myself laughing
Sanctimifiction hehe

Copy away :- :slight_smile:

To answer your actual question… Institutions (Banks) are referred to as “Smart Money”.

Youtube has 100’s of videos on various ways to identify the effect they have on various pairs.

No they’re not. Its a marketing term designed to lure unsuspecting newbies into paid education.

How banks buy and sell cash is totally different to spot fx speculating

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FX speculators don’t move a market 50 - 100 pips in a session. I’ve steered him toward FREE education being YouTube.

Your contempt for FX Education is as strong as mine… It’s up to the OP to sift the" wheat from the chaff" and find a way forward.

Interesting read
and then… he fled the country, Was Jailed hehe etc

also he didn’t do what the banks did , to begin with, He Stole.
and first and foremost , he was an employee with inside information (we could only hope huh)

but… interesting read, Nonetheless
thank you

Read the story, watch the movie…FREE on YouTube Rogue Trader - True Story.

I intend to hehe
it’s already downloading :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe he’s someone from a not english speaking country using google translate?
We may never know, but anyway, bless him for the laughs

Thanks @Trendswithbenefits, I read his book - and shortly after he came out of Nick, he was on TV playing Poker with Clive Sinclair and the Guy who cheated at “Who wants to be a milionnaire” (Think that was the programme) - As i recall Sir Clive Sinclair won. :sunglasses:

Good film about him to, I just watched it for the first time few weeks ago

(If I just scrolled down a few more posts I would of saw you are already aware of that lol)

I also watched it recently
it was a pretty good film

It should be approached differently. Look at the tendencies of the bank and in general their actions, and try to predict them.

@Martin_K Thanks for making me laugh, what indicators do we use to identify volume spikes?

Now it’s better not to get into the banks’s work system, because you can find something that you don’t want to see.

Why would you want to try to copy. Just sit back and watch

@Trendswithbenefits thanks for the feedback, but are they not lagging indicators just like any other indicators, so by the time you get in a position it might be already late?