HOW to get the ZUP indicator to work?

just downloaded it and installed it in expertes/indicators, drag and dropped it on the chart. but how does it work?

Did you check mark the “Allow DLL” when attaching it to the chart?

ah, dll activated and now it shows patterns and a red box, which ist probably the pivot point. but there a no fib levels, thought this is automatically incorporated.

do you havefurther tips on how to use this indicator Pip?

If by pivot point you mean possible D range, then yes, otherwise it’s not pivot point as in daily pivot points.

No I just use it as it comes. Which version are you using…there are like 4 or 5 of them :rolleyes::smiley:

sorry, i mean possible D point. i´m using versin v 71, only thing that i´m missing is the fib projections.

dis you get good results trading it, and are all patterns correct?

I’m not a good person to ask cause I miss way more than not. Many patterns are correct…but in general fib patterns have about a 70-80% accuracy rate and I don’t believe this indicator is really any different. It’s how you trade it within the context of where it forms that makes the difference.

Sometimes it finds really wierd looking patterns. Problem is is that it detects a possible D, but as you see, that red box can get quite large at times, so you may find yourself in large drawdowns before it finds it’s true D and reverses. Have you read thru the 30 pips a day thread? There is a technique described there of using the fib tool to find convergences of the 2 triangles to try to locate the true D. When zup finds a pattern on my charts, I usually measure it up manually with that technique to compare. Sometimes it’s dead on, other times it not. Best place to get more info on longer terms use and results is at forex factory.

The zup indicator has way more bells and whistles than it’s documentation ever does it justice. It’s complex!