How to keep online privacy?

How to keep online privacy? How important is this to the trader?

Hi, I use VPN and encrypted email, so far so good :slight_smile: Regards Greg

I can tell you so. VPNs are very popular tools for bypassing locks and bans. However, they also offer data protection to their users. These tools take your internet connection to a different location, so sites that track you are having difficulty identifying you. But at the same time, combining trusted VPNs with other privacy tools, you will provide more reliable protection of your information. In my opinion, you should better read the articles at Here you will find out a lot of useful information and can improve your online privacy.

And why do you need it? In fact, only the address will be known about you. In general, you can of course find VPN, anonymizers, etc.

Unless you are trading using public networks, I don’t think you would have any need for it. Just keep a strong password and use a firewall and anti-virus.

The best way I think is to use the VPN. This is the best way to hide the traffic.

Use VPN always. Then set your browser privacy to not save data like cookies or cache. Use premium VPN services or risk your data being intercepted.

I think VPN can help you in this matter. I am also using a VPN to keep my privacy.

You can use different search engine and VPN.

Online privacy is extremely difficult to maintain. You will need to be a technical and computer security expert to get close too maintaining a semblance of anonymity.

Beyond VPNs and encryption you need to look at things like tagging, persistent cookies, browser profiling, DNS privacy and loads of other things. You will also need to consider the footprints you leave behind on your mobile devices or tablets and how you can secure your privacy on those as well. Any holes in your armor will leave you exposed to identification and tracking.

I’m tech savvy but I’m not a security expert and I’ve given up trying to become anonymous online. It takes too much work and even after that there are no guarantees that I will be able to maintain the stance for any appreciable amount of time before my defenses are penetrated.

the traders we have use lots of sources to keep their online privacy safe and sounds , but right now in spite having all its difficult to maintain privacy for all time , i use VPN for setting my browser privacy. its very common right now.

It is very much important and it depends on your broker that how much priority is provided to it. Some brokers are very particular about this aspect and use cold storage wallets and encrypted accounts.

The main thing is that the data would be stored

This guide shows you how you can blind your ISP to your browsing activity and unlock all domains worldwide without using a VPN


Check out this video to see what you’re up against. :grinning:

In theory it sounds nice to remain private but in practice, if you use the internet at all, it is just too time consuming, unfortunately.