How to keep track of your trades?

i do not have time for that and i know it is bad
i just go at the end of month and check my balance if it was profit or loss
if it was negative i check my bad trades and review my mistake
that is all i do but if you have better idea please say it to me too

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I did not do that honestly.
At the first months of my trading I write them all and analyzed them one by one but the I did not do that at once!
I think I have to add this one to my trading life as well, and I think I can use an Excel to track them al!
Thank you for asking that!

I also use Excel because of the ease of analysis through simple formulas.
Also make relevant notes. And track some metrics that seem important, like how much I make for the cost to place and hold the trade - win or loss compared to spread, commissions, exchange fees, and margin. If my wins and losses are smaller compared to margin of one instrument to another, then I will usually not trade the one that pays less.
Always some things to learn, eh?

I started with pen and paper then went with spreadsheets but I recently switched to logging my trades in TradingView since I already use it to analyze and markup charts. I analyze my chart like normal then ‘Publish’ privately with notes that I’d include in my journal. I’m very happy with this change. It’s fast, to the point, easy to re-visit and visualize and it’s already connected to charts. No need to get screenshots or URLs or any of those extra steps.

*I also use MyFXBook to keep track of my trade data automatically.

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yea, i think you hit the nail on the head. Strictly rules bases, it’s like just follow the rules. I guess there’s always something to jot down. But it’s sooooo much work, or probably, no definitely, I’m just lazy.

how to view only our own published ideas from tradingview mobile (android apps)?

On the Android mobile app, select ‘Menu’ then click your username. Then you will see all your public and private Published Ideas.