How to Make Consistent Profits?

Good Afternoon All

Last week was a rocky mountain but we not only survived we made more profits than any other week. Someone said " FOR EVERY THREAT THERE IS AN OPPORTUNITY" so we took that opportunity and ripped the rewards. In my account we made double of the usual week profits. Well past week gone lets talk about next week.

Coming week will be interesting. Last week I predicted that EURJPY will go up but before the meeting it will go down to 123 which exactly happened. If you see and observe a pair closely you can sort of predict right. Now on monday EURJPY and GBPJPY will be skyrocketed. If not monday but at least mid week. EURJPY is expected to touch 128 and GBPJPY is expected to touch 148 easily. The reason why i predicted this is because G20 members said in their meeting on sunday that whatever JAPAN is doing to get out of deflation is good and might impact the world as well. Which is a positive sign and more motivation for Japanese government to do the easing even more aggressively.

NZDUSD which had wings last week it will have to come down from sky to get some food this week. It will run out of fuel very soon and I am expected it to touch 0.8350 this week. AUDUSD will trade low because australian treasury member showed growing concern over high and overvalued AUD which is hurting the economy. New Zealand also has trade agreements with australian and AUDUSD will affect NZDUSD to some extent.

GOLD and GBPUSD are in gods hand and no one knows where will they fall to however a correction is due for both in the coming weeks.

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Do you really think the market gives a rat’s ass about what you “expect”?

And Japan has announced at suspension of any QE for the time being.

I don’t manipulate market or anyone’s view however I have my own view and I like to share it with other people. I believe this is the main motive of this website to share your view with others sothat they can learn.

Please let me see rat’s ass exactly now -____-

This is genius should be like, guys :

  1. Look how he draw trendlines
  2. Look how he combine that lines
  3. Look how his volume indicator become grass pattern
  4. Last, how he made new pattern and put it into FX Chart

Just to make sure, no offense here. Keep peace once for all :slight_smile:

People are a little touchy around here given recent events rakeshd. If you have opinions based off fundamental drivers I am always interested. :wink: AUD/USD is getting closer to a significant support level and the (likely) rate cut in March looms… what are you’re thoughts?

Why did God create economists?..In order to make weather forecasters look good.

This should be reply had :slight_smile:

I have huge interest too both in fundamental and technical analysis. And happy to hear eurjpy will touch 128, Coz my target at 127 -__-
But seein that fact, when fundamenalist can predict the price. It must be from technical stuff.

Fundamental --> trend direction
Technical --> predict how far market will move

Now i leaning on fundamental analysis and do research bout that. Anyone can guide me how to do that??

Both fundamental and technical are used to form a directional bias.

Most people use technical analysis not because it is more profitable.

It is because technical is easier to learn and understand as compared to fundamental analysis. Technical analysis can be learnt in a relatively short period of time but to be profitable, you will have to apply risk management and trade using a trading plan so as to mitigate the prospect of emotional trading. The importance of having a trading plan cannot be understated.

Fundamental analysis involves keeping up to date with market news and markets and then ‘connecting the dots’ to form a directional bias on currency pairs. It takes a considerable amount of time to learn how to ‘digest’ market and economic news and then applying that knowledge to trade on the pairs.

Many traders who use fundamentals will use technical to determine their entry and exit. But do note that technical does not tell you how far the prices will go. Nobody and no indicators can tell you that.

Understand that the market can do whatever it wants. That is why you must have a trading plan to dictate how you will enter and exit. I would recommend you to find out how to craft your own trading plan here: Question from Baichen: As a new trader, how do I craft a trading plan and start my first trade?

I gave it a full week to reply here, but it looks like Mr Market didn’t do what was expected… In fact, quite the opposite in the case of the yen.

the NZ/US traded a bit down, but the Aussie ended the week up from where it started.

So… Expectations aren’t what they are cracked up to be now are they?

Thank you for your donation to my retirement fund :wink:

Interesting personalities. I am wondering who has +500k account and who tries to turn 3k into infinity after reading some Market Wizard books:-))

I traded that pattern last week.

life’s too short for boring cars and cheap wine.

Trading in small lots and get low targets these are easy to trade. You can make some consistent profit on regular basis if you try to get small profits even 2 to 4 pips. You have not to wait for a long time to achieve any big target.

If you have a good risk ratio and stay to it. 2-4 pip profit means you need to cut losses after 1-2 pip loss. which mean lots of losers. But that’s ok. As long as you made an educated and well thought out trade. It’s difficult to trade with 1-2 pip stop loss including the spread. Takes more work. But is possible.

life’s too short for boring cars and cheap wine.

It is good to make profits.

It is depending on each trader himself to gain consistent profit in forex market because there is no one who can make it happen without any experiences so it can happen slowly but sure. There are step by step which must be passed by traders
to gain consistent profit. Good trader could gain consistent profit with making target which is realistic to reach.