How to make money by Binary Options Trading

It’s a good approach to earn money with the help of binary options trading from basics. The simplest way to make money from binary option trading is to hedge your contract, make the price move in your favour before the expiry time and lock in the already made profits.Binary options trading will offer you more return when you go for quantity of shares than to its quality. You need not worry about the magnitude but consider only direction of the security price. It’s suggestible to go through online for more information regarding binary option trading.

binary options signals

I would say that binary options is a good alternative for people to generate some additional income from trading . But in short there are a couple of things to note with pure binary options

  1. Selecting a regulated/trusted broker - IG , CMC etc…
  2. Payouts : 75-80% ( don’t trade anything below that )
  3. Quotes in 4 digits ( pip level ) or 5 digits or 6 digits
  4. Expiry tenors offered by brokers : 5 min, 10 min, etc…are they fixed or moving time scale
  5. Having a statistical proven winning ratio with no Martingale -> You need atleast >=60% accuracy to generate a good risk reward. Don’t buy into anyone saying that you can do some money management for binary options. Just try to develop a system with >=60% winning ratio and you are good to go with a good reliable broker with good payout ratio.

I have been trading it for a while manually and trying to generate signals. I think i am able to reach >=60% for 10/15 mins tenors. Please check My new algo for cTrader/cAlgo @ Forex Factory

BinaryOptions Indicator V1 released ! (5 mins expiry examples )

Trade in binary using any system, I think it will fail because predicting time of contract almost impossible there.
i think trade in forex is much better. let’s trade in Mayzus, the great broker and very popular right now

I usually prefer checking forex peace army to check the reviews of any broker however I am good enough to earn much from trading binary options at OptionTrade.

Just giving you advice if you are going to start trading in binary options is that u always stay away from autotraders software and don’t give them a chance to fool you like in that video here Neo2 scam

It has come to the notice of authorities that many unregulated companies are using clone websites to target citizens and hence it has issued a warning to all traders not to deal with any unregulated companies and not to be lured by their false propaganda of unrealistic returns on investments, and not to fall in their trap. Their advertisements can be mouthwatering, but at the end of the day they will run off with your capital too. But i was able to learn easily how,when and what company i could invest in since the market is fluctuating, i can call myself an expert and a broker. I would recommend this school of trade to anyone who is a novice.

use martingale money management and please don’t be greet when u trade BO.
hit 5% of profit / day from your capital is enough I think.

and don’t over trade…

I started as a forex trader and then decided to invest in stocks also. But stock market investments didn’t work that well for me and I have come back to trade forex only.