How to save money in 2021?

Covid 19 has affected stock markets globally and incurred a major loss in every sector. The year 2020 has shown how significant it is to save money. Many individuals do not think of saving for the rainy days, but instead, prefer to live in the moment by spending more. Everyone should ask themselves: how much money do I have saved in case of an emergency and for the future? If the answered sum does not cover their bills and other necessary costs for an extended period, they should get up to speed with the following pointers and boost their investments for future events.
Here are some questions that must get answered to better save in their life:

  • How does income work?
  • Have you set a savings goal?
  • How to set a budget?
  • Are there any debts that need to be paid?
  • Is there another way of getting extra cash?
    What is your thought on this?

Good post!

Correct! I too think saving for a better future is good only if it is invested further to have better returns.

Every moment of the market has to be read. Generally, by 2021, the market may be in a somewhat volatile state. Stepping into this covid-19 should be considered with some caution.