How to set entry order


can any one please tell me in details how to set entry orders
i want to set an order that if the price reach some level then the order will be triggered automatically, in case of buy or even sell

i am using demo account from fxsol

any help will be appreciated

thank you

I’m using but I’m guessing setting order entries should be similar. To set a long “BUY” entry order you need to go to the order management section of your software. select single order “BUY” and the leverage you want say 1 lot at 10,000 then select “LIMIT” then set the price you wish to buy at, which has to be lower than the current market order.
To set a short position do the same except select “STOP” which sets a stop order entry.

There are other options which I can set to take place automatically.
1.Single order STOP order entry and exits (used to SELL when you think the current value will go down)
2. Single order LIMIT order entry and exits(used to BUY when you think the price would go up)
3. Trailing Stops. If you think the price of currency pair is going up/down you can enter a long position(BUY) or SHORT(sell) at market order, then set a trailing stop to keep the profits and close out your position if the price reverses.
4. IF/THEN orders. Tell automatically enters order if first order has been met
5. IF.THEN OCO (one cancells other order). Use to automatically enter or exit a trade and set stops to prevent losses and limits to protect profits.

I use a lot of limit orders which automatically closes my position at a set rate to protect profits.
I’m still new but research the above order types from your software provider.

Thank you guys i’ll try that

have a good day

hii people…am new to forex…can anybody tell me what is buy stop/buyl limit…what the diff…and when to use them.? thank u for u help…i m confused…


…hi people…wanna to know…how we use the info from previous day…the high…low…closed price to trade for the next day…how it works so can be use to trade sooryyy…if i cannot put the question righ…my english bad…thk u:…:confused: :confused: