How to set up MACD

Hallo , i am totaly newbie at forex the only thing i ve done till now is to read ALL the school 2 times and now i am starting a demo account … as i am trying to find out my strategy i am trying to test as many indicators as a can . So i am trying atm MACD indicator and i have 2 questions

  1. Are the default settings (12,26,9 ) on 1H charts good for testing the indicator ? Any other proposal ?
  2. At the school it says that i have to see 2 lines on the indicators chart but i only see 1 dot line and the histogram . How i can fix that , so i can see the 2 lines and spot the crossovers ? ( i am using MT4)

[B]No[/B] - they’re a historical anomaly left over from the days of trading stocks on daily charts (back when there were 6 trading days in a week - the 12 represented two weeks, the 26 represented one month (4.3 weeks) and the 9 a week and a half - [I]nothing[/I] to do with forex and H1 charts at all, as you can see!).

[I][U]Many[/U][/I] other proposals - and that’s part of the problem with learning about this and some other indicators.

[B]This may help/interest you.[/B]

That’s correct.

And that’s the problem. I believe there are things you can import into MT4 which display the MACD correctly. The inbuilt defaults certainly don’t. This may help/interest you: [B]301 Moved Permanently.

thank you very helpful answer