How to stay up to date

you mean my own previous trades charts???
I follow news on Instagram accounts.

thanks chen
I will follow hem on Instagram or twitter if they have accounts.

I am not interested on websites. usually follow on Instagram and twitter

really appreciate your response thanks Margaret

I dont know either how to read the charts. mention here if you fin d something useful

So help us with that how to read the charts to become a trader?

you know it is always hard to make something as a habit and routine
But a great point thanks for saying

hey dear thank you for great response.
do you like it?
let me check that first then I will sign up for news letters.

Investing .com is pretty decent . As backup I would go to Forexfactory but til this day I’ve never had to

Follow and I think it will keep you up to date about market news and other things.

You can stay up to date by social networking sites like Twitter, UTube channels, LinkedIn, and trained forex forums, follow forex analysts, economists, traders, and trustworthy financial bloggers. They frequently impart insightful commentary, market analysis, and other knowledge.

Install mobile applications specifically designed for forex news and market updates. These apps can provide real-time notifications and customized alerts based on your preferred currency pairs or economic events.

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To stay up to date, you have to go through different news showing sites and forexfactory and are popular sites for so.

as backups? what it means?
Do you use forex factory or not?! I didn’t understand it

Thanks @waltoncharles
I also use trading news if you want to know for checking news. :sweat_smile:

I only used Twitter for political purposes.
What are the best FX accounts to follow, in your opinion, I should use it for other purposes, i guess.

Who is your favorite blogger both on twitter and You Tube?

do you use any that you find more practical to introduce to this forum?

Yes I see that most people are using Forex factory website. thank you.

For example, Bloomberg for business news, finance, and data market. It provides real-time market news, financial data, and analysis on various financial instruments, including forex.