How to Use the Forums: New User Tips and Tricks

Do you have any example that you’re having a problem with?

Depending on the attachment type (file, image, Zip file, etc.), your options will be different. For attached files, look for the download icon and file name, such as the following:

For images, click on the image and then look for the Download link, such as in the following example:

If you have a specific file you’re having issues with, please share the post and I can help you with it directly. Thanks!


Wow, there were some major changes to the forum since the last time I was here. I’ll need some time to get used to the new look :slight_smile:

Looks awesome, good job!

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First of all I could not understand how this forum works as I joined in this forum newly. Thanks to Pipstradamus for this nice and helpful topic. Now I understand that if I had any questions then I should ask experts from new topic. And like this topic from other topics I can learn important things regarding forex by only viewing the topic. If I wanted to reply where should I write I also got that knowledge. Thanks.


I have to say I much preferred it when threads were broken up into pages, as it somehow made it much clearer (to me) on the main page how long a thread had been running, how established it was. Everything looks very samey, now, so it takes more sifting to find the capital threads as opposed to the quick question posts. Probably just me but I’d love an option to be able to edit the appearance within an individual account so we could break the threads into pages if we’d like to.

Sorry to be a moaner.


Hey ST,

Thanks for your recent feedback. Discourse, our new forum platform, undoubtedly displays threads in a different manner as compared to the old system, vBulletin. As opposed to everything on a single homepage, the new homepage separates threads into different buckets, based on some parameter (explained below), but all still accessible from the Forums homepage.

I’d like to point out the new navigation menu that lists the following views : Categories, Latest, New, Unread and Top

  • Categories View - shows all topics/threads group by category and subcategory
  • Latest View - shows topics/threads with recent posts
  • New View - show only new topics/threads created in the last few days
  • Unread View - topics you are currently watching or tracking with unread posts
  • Top View - most active topics in the last year, month, week, day

Also, if you ever forget what each view displays, move your mouse over one of the icons to display a tooltip that explains exactly just that. I think you’ll find this new way of displaying threads helpful.

Good Job…more help for Improve my knowledge.

Thanks, I was already starting to get annoyed that my account was temporarily suspended. I have not been able to navigate as I would like. Thank you very much.

Please I would like to know how you achieved that, ie pulling down the green vertical button on LHS. I tried it but it was’nt moving anywhere. Teach us how. Thanks

From your computer and using your mouse, simply click+hold+drag the green bar up or down. The mouse pointer/cursor should change to an arrow pointing up and down. See the image below:

Hope that helps!

Hi Pipstradamus,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I just realised that I never posted back to you, which was rude, I apologise.

I am still very much a trader, and will try stick with the forum, but I confess I’m finding the new layout/look very alien!! I’m not generally change averse so will try to figure it out.

Thanks again for the response.


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Thanks so much for this topic just made navigation a whole lot more easier

@Pipstradamus can I use hyperlink inside my answer if I found any informative article

Absolutely! Links, on their own merits, are allowed and can be very helpful. We do review the destinations of links for over-the-top advertisements or sales pages that have nothing to do with the original discussion. And if there appears to be a campaign to continuously mentioned a specific website or company or product or services, and we deem that action to be indirect advertising, then we might have you edit the link.

But if your link points to supporting information that is helpful to the discussion, you can definitely add it in your reply!

Thanks for the question.


Thank You so much

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Thanks allot for this

This will help guide on how to use d functions on this forum thanks

I would say Babypips is one of the most convenient forums I’ve ever used before

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Yes it seems so nice