How to Utilize Forums for Drive more Traffic

YES! It is right to say forum is an online community or online discussion sites. Forums are the best place to share helpful information. What about How to Utilize Forums for Drive more Traffic?

Anyone know please share your knowledge here:smiley:

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If you want more traffic you should show people you have something they will be interested in. Why don’t you post some helpful information?


" Why don’t you post some helpful information? "

Will share whenever I realize it is best time to share useful information.
Ask about issues because there are some experience and expert who know what are tips for that problem.

I think all the users of the forum already know they can ask about trading issues on babypips, your post won’t help drive baypips traffic.

no no you are getting wrong.
I am asking about how to utilize Forum to Drive more traffic to another website

Yes, that’s what I suspected. At least you’re honest.

Please DO NOT post here hints and tips about how to drive traffic away from babypips and towards other sites.

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This stuff you are posting here is just about the best way for driving serious-minded folk away. But not to any other forum, just away from here to avoid having to read this stuff before realising what a waste of precious time it is… most serious traders have already migrated away from here, or stopped posting regularly, for this very reason. :thinking:

why you said its just wasting for time??

Because if you measure its content in terms of usefulness, relevance to FX, contribution to BP, or by any other yardstick, on a scale of 0-10, it would come in at about minus 5. Go figure.

I got better things to do.


got your point

thanks for your response

You’re welcome!

Actually, you have raised my curiosity about this.

Why are you looking for ways to drive people away from BP to other forums? Is it because you are not happy here? or are you just trying to help another forum boost its membership?

I don’t understand your motives here - just in case we have misunderstood you?

Main reason for this thread is get to know how to use Forum to increase visitor to another website not to Forum

Then, I guess, you just have to describe it and invite people to visit there (and why they should). And you can post a link to it, too. But, But, But…:

BUT, if it is just an advert for a site selling something or in any way infringes site rules then you should first check with the moderators for permission to post it. Which may well be a good idea to do first anyway, just to be sure!

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The honesty is confusing me lol

Hey @Dextor_Mason, If you are really want to increase more traffic then you should follow a few steps. First of all, you always try to share useful information that people are searching. Secondly, you should optimize your forums as following the Search Engines Guidelines. Thirdly you can also be using white labeled software to drive more quality traffic. So if you follow these effective steps properly then your forums traffic will increase day by day.