How would you trade with this FLAG pattern

It’s a flag pattern in nzdusd . I have read in some book that some traders would buy with breakout of the flag at point 1 and some traders would wait for the breakout of the last swing inside the flag pattern then buy that at point 2.The problem with the second trade is that you have already lost most of the move and your SL is much bigger than the first trade.
Which one do you prefer?and Which way works better in forex market?


No time frame? No points of interest in price? No chart?

Hard to tell what you are even talking about without some way of knowing exactly what your range, and entries might be.

I’d wait for a clear breakout (gives you timing). Then I’d wait for a breakout of the breakout : ). (gives confirmation of real move).
Profit objective is measurement of flag projected forward. (minus 10% to make sure of exit).

Merry Xmas, trade this one pattern over and over. Consider where in the cycle it occurs and record results.

Id have bought at the bottom and sold at the top, and then sold at the top and bought at then bottom lol

It can’t be that simple can it?