How's my risk management, sustainable?

I take 10-20 trades a month.

Risk 2% of account each trade

TP: 20 pips
SL: 15 pips

Once the price reaches +15 pips I move SL to +10 pips

Winrate: 65-75%

I gain 60-100 pips per month

Is this sustainable? Thanks in advance!

how did you backtest this strategy?

I’ve backtested the past few months and been paper trading for a month.

Every trader should focus on managing their trading risk so they can survive in Forex for a long time.

so is this not good?

Well, it’s clearly sustainable if you’re gaining 60 -100 a month. For larger account sizes - I trade $3k live - 2% max risk is justifiable, but for small accounts less than a 1k it’s a fast track to losing your capital should you get a run of consecutive losses.

Hope that helps.

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Did you discover information in this back test, when you should turn of strategy?

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yes, mostly about timing

Asking people what you’re capable of is self-defeating. Rarely will anyone encourage you to do what they cannot see themselves doing.

Why not just try it and see what happens? What if it is sustainable, but I tell you it’s not? You’d abandon the idea, and you’d be missing out on a very nice strategy.

Do it and then examine the results. Be strong, young padawan.


2% is 2% no matter what the account size is, so you would not lose money faster, you would just have smaller and smaller position sizes if the strategy is unsuccessful.


It is definitely sustainable, if it’s consistent long term.

Fixed pip strategies aren’t always reliable due to the way price moves.

Can you tell us a bit about the strategy, like how you determine entries, and what TF you trade from?

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I trade on a 1 hr time frame, trading recovering pullbacks.


I’m not sure what recovering pullbacks are, but I’m going to assume pullbacks with the trend.

How do you determine entries, if you don’t mind. SR or SD levels, trend lines?

ok, so for example after one year you will stop trading this strategy permanently?

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Use low leverage and trade in low spread-consuming trading pairs to minimize trading risk and pure risk management strategy.

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I’m planning to use 1:30 or 1:25 do you consider that low?

Do You have trade setup?

What are you asking

On what basis do you enter on market, you shoud have targets like bms

. your risk to reward is realy bad. i recommend min 1:3.