I admit it, I purchased Anton Kreil NEW 2,999 $ Forex trading cource

I am so curious why Gregorie left ITPM. He looks cool and smart every time I watch the make me a trader video on YT

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You have to give it to Anton. He disrupted the industry by exposing how investment banks work.

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What I find most appealing about Gregoires personal career is that he has never worked on a commission based mandate like Anton at bulge bracket firms. Gregoire has always been P&L driven so you eat what you kill. No easy commissions through juicy agency orders from pensions and hedge funds ringing up banks for liquidity and making easy bucks charging them admin/processing fees.

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Hi Tourlf39 ,

Thanks for sharing the your analysis on the course. I am curios about the course . Will you be able to share it and we can share your cost.

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By learning from a professional trader, do you mean literally Professional as in a person who used to work for an investment firm/ hegdefund etc or just someone who taught himself retail trading and has become good at it. Can a self taught retail trader become a pro or just a very good trader. Thoughts please

Completely agree. For me a professional trader is someone who has worked for an institution. These online gurus saying they are professional traders… at best they are full time traders and at worst demo traders but telling everyone they trade.

hey contact me i have a question for you

I strongly agree with @fluid_motion
on some points, in order to excel in the field you need to refine your analysis techniques, and it is also here that the most willing who from trader also become analysts to be able to compete at the best on the market.

the data with which it deals everyone in the course work with i data gives a tremendous headache the first few months ! and I tell you this after beating my heads for months and months on it(so also for the scorecards, the final score, and many other small problems never explained, which require a lot of reverse engineering ), because many data have different names from those named by Anton (such as government data which are like diamonds to be found), and often each data has many variations and different aggregation methods, and which must be studied in order not to have the wrong ones in their own analyzes.

And little by little, the more you develop analytical skills, the more your models become precise and accurate, an example is making the seasonal adjustment of unseasoned data, and for this you need to study the SARIMA models (from the ARMA and ARIMA model family),
But with passion and willpower you really can do everything :white_check_mark:
and the models are still very accurate even without data processing and adjustment.

Excel is a very powerful tool! you can also make prediction models without even great difficulty to be able to predict macro data even before they come out!
And I urge everyone not to be discouraged, and the Excel data analysis toolpack is really very easy to use, and a lot of fun since you can use it with any data or asset class you want, in order to have a statistical advantage on the markets too.

It is also true that this knowledge often remains segregated in the elite of finance, I have studied a lot of statistics and despite being the most powerful tool together with mathematics in the new finance, it remains a privilege of a few to know how to apply these models and theories with confidence and precision !
I recommend ResearchGate to everyone, where important figures in the sector publish their in-depth research on financial issues and can be an excellent starting point for those who want to push further in the sector :wink:

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thanks for the heads up

Hi All, Maybe I can share my thought on the Anton Kreil Course and its peers to compare.
I bought the PTM and POTM and got the PFTM as bonus. I finished the courses around end of last year, and still not sure about the result, I still feel something missing/confusing/not sure how to do it step by step, and not sure about consistency and motivation to upate the macro data, maybe I only do the COT report weekly, lol. They also give me the Implementation Program as a bonus for bought the 2 courses at the same time.
I also download the Lex Van Dam course and Fotis Academy course which I think the material are relatively the same as Anton’s. So I continue to attend Anton webinar (Emergency Room 1 and 2) and start to considering the mentoring program because I feel struggle about the implementation. They charge around $50 only to promoted the Thailand Mentoring Program (which I hope they give a clue what they teach so I convince to attend it, what a naive I am), lol. The Implementation Program bonus material is 90% the same as the Emergency Room 2 material(the slides, the example,etc). The cost for the remote mentoring program is 15k, and the Thailand is 25k. So I think that’s enough. I do not feel they sincere enough to teach anymore.
I saw on Twitter Anton is in war with its former colleage at ITPM Gregoire Dupont, so I do quick research and contact Gregoire Dupont to give me a call.
And yes, I bought his course also, lol. And All I can say the course material is far more superior and detail and Gregoire is very open to answer any question and every week he conduct a webinar for free. He also update the macro data(and give the source) and COT every time they release for the subscriber.
Is it worth it? yes, I think its the best course out there for now, it give you how to do the filtering, where we can find the data, how to build own infrastructure, etc. Maybe his course only lack in commodity focus(only a little), if you considering the gold or oil fundamental for trading, maybe you can buy the Lex Van Dam course instead.
I hope my experience help, and sorry fo the bad english.

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god bless you for feedback

I am also looking for the course if you can share it would be helpful

Great review of the courses Sudiang. I did the PTM, PFTM and POTM then I paid for Gregoire’s class as well. Gregoire’s class is the most detailed and fills in all the gaps from the PTM. My advice to anyone out there is to take the PTM first then buy Gregoire’s class. If you have the money definitely do a mentorship after you absorb the material from the classes.

What did they do during the Implementation conference? Was it pretty much the same as the war/emergency room? Did you ever join ITPM as an institute trader?

Glad if it helps.
Implementation program only one day but last about sixth and half hour. It divided in 4 session, each session last about one hour and fifteen minutes.
Session 1 = Quantitative Processing
Session 2 = Long Idea Quant Processing
Session 3 = Short Idea Quant Processing
Session 4 = Qualitative Processing Skills
War Room/ER 1 last 15 days, and mostly discussing about how to repair/discuss some participants portofolio, and almost the tips using option.
ER 2 consist of 10 days, most of it discuss Long and Short Idea , they explain how to find it, the quantitative and qualtitative analysis and the trade stucture.
And yes, in my opinion ER 2 and Implementation Program pretty much the same, but will do best if doing the Implentation Program first and then ER 2, because ER 2 have much stock example, while IP only have 1-2 stocks example and focussing in theories (maybe because time limitation).

Great recap. I did the War Room which was 10 days back in June and thought it was really good.

Did you join as an institute trader? I’ve always wondered what that’s all about. If people are really trading their capital and what not. Is there actually a community?

Dear torulf39

I watched Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) but unfortunately I don’t have access to Excel and PDF file of this class.
Would you please share this files (just excels and PDFs) with me?

Thanks a lot

Sorry for the late reply, No, I am not join the Institute trader because I like my current broker, while the requirement to join the institute trader is open an account with ITPM partners, well, at first, join the Institute Trader is one of my motivation to buy the courses, but then I feel not comfortable thinking they will monitor my account (and I do not think they will have time to comment in everyone trading account). If you want to know how they asess and comment their mentees account, you can watch the PTM courses about Portofolio, ER1 and the video called “Retail Trader Makes 193k in 14 weeks”.
Recently Gregoire launching the 4x4 community, and I automatically joined the community because I bought the course. Maybe later I will shared about their community.

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I fail to understand that you added this post to take out your grudge against him here rather than helping anyone who would have stumbled upon your post in a hope to find something useful. Good going

Watching his videos for the past weeks, I must admit, now I’m bloody good at excel, never like spreadsheets. I think what you get out of it is exactly how open are you to stuff. I read load on trading, demo for years. Have am a live account, not doing well but not bad either.

Nice Job… basically pirating someone’s product on a well-known website. Idiotic, at best.

Just because something is expensive, doesn’t automatically a rip-off.

Frankly, I don’t trust or believe your evaluation of the course for even a moment. I see comments like this everywhere… in every industry.