I almost deposited money on "iq options", then this happened

i feel sorry for the loosers

id just recommend put some real time and effort to actually learn , make own strategies,
read the articles and learn from your mistakes.

and with regards to having legal problems like in the YouTube video,
i dont wanna argue things i dont know, But i can speak from experience…
ive been with them since 2017 and im doing very well
matter of fact you can actually find my name in the weekly leader-board above 97% almost every week i trade.

Hi there

Was reading a couple of comments about IQ Options, any advise?!

You read some comments about these scam artists and you still ask???

I would avoid IQ OPtions like the plague!!!

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Why bother. The very next post is going to be somebody either raving about them or asking if they’re any good!!! LOL!!!

Aside from the fact that we’re talking about these damn Binary Options of course anyway. Talk about a perfect storm i.e. bucket shop broker offering Binary Options. Now there’s a winning combination!!! LOL!!!

I know it sounds terrible but honestly: most actually DESERVE to lose their money. Really. I mean the information is right here in your face.

Any update on what happened/experience? How many times have you withdrawn, etc?

To be honest, i have never faced any problem there.

That sounded nice. How many times have you withdrawn there since you posted? I mean twice a month or just one time?

I have account on binary.com and is somewhat fine. But they have limits to trading time so I cant really get what I want. Yes they gave me trouble but is somewhat “acceptable” compare to others. So I wanted to try different broker.

how much lost?

Many investors have lost thousands of dollars on Binary Options

hi 111111, I’m also south african. Using IQ options since 2017 without any issues. all my withdrawels and deposits etc went smoothly. just verify your account and you are clear to go.

I understand your point of view and if there are many untrustworthy companies in Cyprus, I did a lot of research on this because I lost oney before I won. In Cyprus, a financial licence is available called CySec, they have cleaned up the island now brokers are scared to do anything because of heavy fines. I am not advertising, lvmexchange are very good brokers, I know an investigator who knows a lot about the subject and its one of the first times I started to see real profit and make fast withdrawals.

Good news. Hope CySec can keep the cowboys out.

IG options are dodgy

Feedback so far on live accountv trading at IQ options?

hi everyone

my advice is to stay away from binary option unless you are expert of what you are doing
stick with forex insteed and make your profit without gampling on binary option

thank you :slight_smile:

I need Loss acvount of IQ option with 0 balance I can get back your money on ratio 70:30 70% mine 30% yours

I have been using iq option since 2018, and i’m doinf absolutely fine with it.

You sure Nadex is only an exchange… do who takes the wins and losses from traders?

Disagree… I believe Forex you have a better chance to blow your account…
Risk to reward ratio is much better on Nadex…
Also trading Indexes and Non OTC commodities offers tons of opportunities