I am here to learn the ways of the FOREX

I am at the beginning of my Forex journey. Excited to learn.


You are welcome. I’m also new here.

babypips.com/school is the newbies’ friend.

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Welcome welcome. :blush: I hope you enjoy your stay here and I hope you’ll be determined and patient enough to become a profitable trader. :smiley:

Hello! Just go to the education tab and then The School of Pipsology. Its a head-start for a new person.

The more easily you take trading, the better for you. There are many strategies in trading but you will dominate on one strategy. That strategy will always support you.

Most traders refrain from achieving success due to low knowledge. To be successful in trading, of course, research and information gathering is essential.

Yes, Pipsology produces easy to understand educational data. It may help even more combining it with YouTube data.

Your enthusiasm for learning is great. Keep it up and keep learning!

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Thank you. Stay blessed